Friday, September 3, 2010

Things You Should Know About Online Cooking Games

By Vlad Stivenson

Online cooking games (which feature a variety of themes, including cooking) are in some ways very similar to those penny arcades of old time. They are quick and fun to play, whether its for an hour or two, of just for a quick 5 minute game. They both are also easy and intuitive to play by both children and adults. There is no manual read or complex commands to memorize. And of course, they are even more fun if you bring a friend along.

When it comes to video game entertainment, theres really nothing else that is as simple and cheap to play than online flash games and old arcades. Old arcades require only a quarter to play, whereas online flashing games are free. If you take into account that you can play online games in your office of house, then theres really no comparison.

As I said, among the varieties of online games, there are cooking games. You might want to try them out if you havent already. They are, of course very different from shooting games or racing games. They are intended more for relaxing and taking it easy after writing a boring report or attending a stressful meeting. They usually let you take your time and experiment with several ingredients, without rush or a hurry. However, if you feel like taking on a small challenge, you can. There are games that require you to complete a cooking process in a fixed amount of time. Some others will have you memorize and repeat processes and ingredients. Yet others will have you going from one part of a kitchen to the other, trying to keep dishes from burning. So, as you see there are several types of games that will keep you entertained for 1 hour or five minutes.

And dont worry about installation, cables, downloading times, monthly premiums, boring manuals or any of those perks that come with full priced computer games or console video games. Finding these online cooking games is easy, just browse through Internet and youll find hundreds of them. And theyre as easy to get as reading your e-mail.

And of course, if you get tired of one game, you can just forget about it and look for a new one. PC and console videogames are a different matter. With a new game costing from 40 to 80 dollars, you pretty much have to like it even if you dont, just to justify the purchase. Another disadvantage is that playing one of those games requires time. You cant take a break between sending an e-mail and making a call to play a 5 minute game.

And if real cooking is your thing, then cooking games are a source of inspiration. You can learn different ways to cook the dishes you already can prepare, and maybe get some ideas on how to spice them up. You might even discover that a dish that you though it was too difficult to do, isnt really as hard to prepare.

In any case, online flash games will make you remember those arcade places where you used to spend your allowance on weekends.

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