Friday, August 27, 2010

Within The Household Fathers Have Become The Very Best Cooks

By Roberto Anderson

Usually mothers were the ones who prepared food at home. Since women are now starting to work for money, the fathers roll is starting to change, because the father has to start cooking.

In many homes, moms are the ones who still cook the meals for the family. As we know, many mothers are already working on full-time jobs, so that means that they dont have the time to cook a meal at home. So what happens is that most of the times the only solution if to buy fast foods.

Statistics show that children of these mothers are expected to be overweight. There seems to be a negative relationship between homemade food intake to obesity.

Statistics further show that though forty percent of men can cook any time within a period of two weeks, only thirteen percent of meals at home are actually prepared by the father.

Unfortunately these statistics are going down every year. Research shows that most men no longer like cooking, and that they just see it has an obligation.

However, there are opportunities to change this attitude. TV cooking shows, magazines on food and cooking, and internet websites are there to draw men, particularly the fathers, to cooking.

Even with all the efforts, men are still "running" from the kitchen.

Moms might by the last chance into getting fathers to cook. They should invite your husband/partner into the kitchen. This way men might be start to get interested in cooking.

If nothing works, then last chance is to get all family into the kitchen. This activity might turn the food into a cooking lover.

Once some fathers start to cook, others will follow their examples and we might be able to reverse the statistics.

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