Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacationers Are Astonished To Find Wonderful Chinese And Thai Restaurants Operating In The Las Vegas Valley

By Hugh Owens

Why not go to the only best authentic Las Vegas Chinese and Thai restaurants around when you are visiting this grand city? Kung Fu Plaza is where you will find not only delicious specialty dishes in both the Chinese but Thai cuisine too. Opened in 1974 the owner's mother and father decided upon its names after a favorite TV show of the time starring David Carradine called Kung Fu.

If one of you wants a Chinese dining experience and the other a Thai one then this is just the place for you as you can get both. The cuisine for the Chinese part has many favorites we all are familiar with but also some specialty dishes as well. A salad that is very good is the Chinese sausage. It really fills you up and is a great accompaniment to a soup side or a dessert afterwards.

The Thai menu also has its fair share of delightful delicacies most served with the all time favorite of jasmine rice. Jasmine rice has been compared to a canvas on which Thai cuisine is then painted. It is sweet and nutty at the same time and has a fragrant even tasty aroma to it. This is why it has been a Thai cuisine base for many of their dishes.

Spices are another special ingredient in all Thai cuisine and many variations can be found in their dishes especially their curry. They serve multiple curry dishes and a twice fried beef that you will have to eat more than once. The desserts are something else all on their own too.

If you want something to help you cool down then look no further than either the homemade coconut or a favorite treat of Thai Tea ice creams. If your sweet tooth is screaming for even more tartness then order a Chinese Lychee or a Chinese Longan sweet syrup covered treat. Any of these are something you will remember.

Wines i either reds or white can be found here as well as beers in imported varieties from around the globe or domestic types. A special of the restaurant is the Japanese plum wine which taste will become your new favorite among the white wine category. Their are non-alcoholic teas and soft drinks on the menu also.

You will be surrounded in an ambient and inviting atmosphere while dining here. There are brilliantly carved teak wood workings as well as many Thai artworks of the contemporary fashion. The design of the entire establishment is made to make all customers feel welcome and at home.

So if you have a craving for the more ethnic dishes while visiting the vibrant city in Nevada go to this establishment. One of the oldest and most popular Las Vegas Chinese and Thai restaurants. You will love the selections of both cuisines as well as the ambient and inviting atmosphere. Bring the entire family there is something on the menu for everyone.

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