Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Three Cola Misconceptions Broken

By Augusta Shane

Cola is among the most famous drinks in the world, and sure, why not?

Its taste is fantastic, plus its highly refreshing.This drink is loved for millions of people all over the world.

Thats why there are many people worldwide who love it.

It's been around for a long period.It was created by pharmacist Angelo Mariani in 1863. Since this drink has existed for such a long time, it was the topic of some rumors and myths.

Some of this myths are believable, but other are simply jokes.

Being myself one of the people who loves cola, i'll attempt to clear some of these myths on this article.

Myth 1 - "Cola has Cochineal, a bug dye" - That's a weird myth.

You probably already knew that.

Cochineal is an organic food dye that comes from a small bug. Arch, Can you imagine.. but guess what, it's not in your cola.

Myth 2 - "Cola is so acidic that a tooth, nail, penny or bit of meat, are left in some cola they'll dissolve overnight" - This one is much more widely believed, you never know why?

You may have heard the story about a fly that walks into a cup of cola, and that in the next day as been eaten away by the acidity of the drink.

I am not telling that cola wont eat away some materials, but that will never happen in one night. It takes a lot more time for that to happen.

Look for example at the healthy orange juice. Since this one is also very acidic, it would take about the same time as cola to dissolve a material.

Myth 3 - "The Aluminum from Cola cans can lead to Alzheimer's disease" - I can understand that some people might believe in this one, but that isn't true.

First of all there is no confirmed link between aluminum to Alzheimer's.

Additionally the interior of your cans are lacquered to be able to prevent any contact between the drink, and the aluminum from the can.

There are some other myths, but these are the ones that should be cleared.Now you can drink your cola with no worries.

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