Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Task Of Preparing Family Meal

By Joo Silva

Who never hear this phrase: "Mother Knows Best". This is a pretty usual line to hear. It is the mother that most of the times cooks in the family. She knows what food the family likes and what they dont. Nowadays mothers are starting to get jobs to help the husband providing family needs. This means that since the mother wont be home all day, when both get from work they will have to help each other. The father from 20-30 years ago would not help much at home, but the nowadays and future father should help at home by cooking or doing the needed tasks.

But despite that fact, moms are still considered as the chefs at home, one reason why overweight and obesity problems comes in. This is because moms don't have any more time to cook at home but instead just buy ready to eat foods. The rate of obesity then depends of the time one spends cooking at home.

About 40% of the men cook at home. But after 2 months, only 13% of all meals are prepared by the men.

This percentage is decreasing because most of the men dont like to cook and they think that preparing meals is not their function in the family. They are wrong.

In order to try to increase this percentage, many movements were created. To try to persuade them to cook, food magazines, cooking shows, and websites were made with that purpose.

But despite all of these, lots of men still remain not interested in cooking. Women however, can help this. Women should try to involve men in this activity. Sharing recipe collections might be good and encourage men to cook.

Perhaps the only way to convince a father to cook is to bring the whole family into the kitchen. If everyone cooperate and help each other when preparing the meals, the father will see this as a bonding experience and might do it more times and even might start liking cooking.

It is hope that men will get involve in kitchen activities. Be one.

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