Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kitchenaid KEMS308SSS - In The Vanguard Of Combination Microwave Ovens

By Earl Calvert

Combination microwave ovens like the Kitchenaid KEMS308SSS are hybrid kitchen appliances. They combine a high quality microwave and standard sized oven by stacking the microwave component on top of the standard oven. When you look at the features packed into this model you find more reasons to give it a try.

Functional Characteristics of the Microwave Component

The height of the KEMS308SSS is just a bit over 42 inches making it easily accessible for most users. By stacking the microwave component on top of the standard size oven, the unit utilizes the empty space between the lower standard oven and the microwave if two separate appliances were installed. This frees up space beneath the lower oven for additional cabinetry.

Reheating and defrosting are normal features of any microwave, but the KEMS308SSS is capable of doing so much more with its convection heating option. Anything that can be cooked in the full sized oven below can actually be cooked properly in the microwave as well!

CrispWave technology is another exciting feature of this microwave. This special technology allows you to grill and fry right in your microwave. You can now get that char grilled look and taste that is so appealing without having to fire up the outside grill on cold or rainy days. Cut the calories well when you fry your favorite foods in this magnificent cooking machine.

Finally, you can steam your fresh vegetables so they retain more of their vitamins and other nutrients. This amazing feature makes it possible for you enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Key Features of the Standard Oven Component

The standard oven component offers 4.3 cubic feet of cooking space. This is large enough to accommodate larger food items like turkeys, ham or large casseroles.

Like its microwave counterpart, this oven features a convection heating element. Cooking with the convection element makes it possible for your food to be cooked evenly throughout. Your food will be cooked to perfection every time -- no cold centers or over-cooked edges.

Your kids will love the snacks you can create with the dehydration feature. You can dehydrate fruit and nuts to make a trail mix or meat to make jerky. You can even make your own seasonings by dehydrating onions, herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables. The dehydration feature will add a little spice to your life.

The self-cleaning feature on this oven is a real labor saving device. You no longer have to get in an awkward position inside the oven to get up the baked-on spills. Just set the controls and let the oven go about its business of removing all the accumulated deposits of earlier cooking sessions.

In the combination microwave ovens category, the KitchenAid KEMS308SSS has all the features that any serious cook would want in the kitchen. The stainless steel styling combined with an array of advanced cooking options makes this a natural choice.

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