Thursday, September 2, 2010

Attractive Ways To Look At Glass Candy Jars

By Mary Jo Braun

Glass candy jars have always been associated with the candy shops and ice cream parlors, but they have found their way into homes and businesses over the decades. They are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes now, where one can find everything from a large two gallon jar to a mini jar. Because of the many designs available, their uses have extended beyond candy to so much more.

Wedding favors are always something special to remember and celebrate the day with, and mini candy jars are fast becoming a popular choice. They may be printed or labeled with special messages, the lids can be monogrammed, and a variety of other ways to decorate them. When filled with the colors of the wedding scheme they make a perfect little wedding favor for everyone to have.

They make great uses for other kinds of gifts also. A medium sized jar filled with mini bath soaps and beads is perfect when tied with a ribbon for a housewarming gift. They can also be filled with homemade cookie dough mix or cake mix for a gift. A label on the front or a recipe card attached with instructions makes a perfect personalized gift.

When a variety of styles and shapes are grouped together, they create an attractive focal point for a buffet or table. Filling them with candies to match the seasons is a nice touch. Spring can bring pastel colored candies and summer some rainbow colored candies. During the fall some brown and orange candies are perfect while winter can bring white and silver or even red and green to go with the holidays.

These are not only decorative but they can be practical too for storage. Colored pasta in a few jars of different sizes creates an attractive display, while protecting the pasta for future use at the same time. Storing tea, coffee, sugar, and flour can also be done with these to create a decorative line of jars on the counter.

Some candy jars are in the shape of a dish with a lid or a low bowl with a lid and these are perfect for setting on a table and using for change and keys. Having a stand near the front door and one of these jars available for keys and change to be thrown in when a family member enters the home not only keeps the keys together, but does so in an attractive setting.

Glass candy jars are an affordable and attractive way store not only candy but other things also. Because they are now available in a large range of shapes, sizes, and designs, it is easy to choose the right one for where you want and what you'll use it for. But they also make the perfect gift items when filled with everything from candy to soaps.

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