Sunday, August 29, 2010

Japanese Culinary - A Few Of The Popular Japanese Dishes

By Mary Peter

Japanese food lifts one's spirit and mood and they have a real balanced and unique flavor which is hard to miss. The Japanese discipline and tradition is reflected in its food.

You do not have to splurge a lot of money in fancy diners to enjoy Japanese cuisines. If you follow some guidelines it is simple to make some good Japanese food at your home.. In the following paragraphs I'll offer you some simple but delicious Japanese recipes.

Onigiri Onigiri are the standard Japanese rice balls. They generally come with a filling, more often than not fish. They are very common among the Japanese and are oftentimes found inside students' bento boxes. Making your own onigiri is extremely easy. You simply require Japanese rice and make sure it is freshly-cooked. You also require some salt for flavoring and the nori seaweed that will serve as the covering or plaster of the ball of rice. The seaweed will hold the ball in place. Before shaping the rice into a ball, put an opening at the center. Fill this dent with your selection of stuffing. You could opt for salmon or pickles or what have you. After putting in the filling, you could start working the rice into a ball and wrapping it afterwards with the seaweed.

Tonkatsu Tonkatsu is a great non-veg dinner dish. Its usually meat, often pork chops that is rolled in flour and bread crumbs before sinking them in egg. This is then again rolled in a layer of bread crumbs and later deep fried until it becomes golden brown.

Majority of Japanese like their dinner with vegetables on the side so you may try it, too. After all, the preparation adds up to the appetizing charm of Japanese food.

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