Monday, August 30, 2010

Fruit Bouquets With Professional-like Quality Made At Home - Is It Possible?

By Paul G Jones

Move aside your old fruit baskets as the fruit bouquet is now here. It highlights the color and different fruits and mixes them for a visual treat and it is also good for the taste buds and health. They are usually available at stores and are commonly created by professional makers. They usually come with a hefty price tag when bought outside, but it is possible to make your own at home. They can be used as a pleasing and edible decoration and finger food at any party.

Whether during parties or just about any time you feel like it, it will surely add life to any boring day to create a fruit bouquet. The fruits needed for the fruit bouquet are the following: whole pineapples, strawberries, melons and cantaloupes. A bunch or two of grapes - green and red - will also be used. Bamboo skewers, a cutting board, melon baller and cookie cutters, knives, a peeler, mint or parsley leaves, a vase or pail as well as matching florists foam are also needed.

After cleaning the vase or pail, florist's foam is placed on the bottom of the clean container. Just enough foam should be placed in the container to serve as support for the bouquet, but should not be in excess such that it is seen over the rim. Rinse the fruits and peel off their skin as needed. Remove seeds and the parts that are not edible.

Cut the pineapple in a horizontal manner with a thickness of one inch per slice. Any rind must be removed from the slices. Then produce the wanted shapes by pressing a cookie cutter onto the slices. It is entirely up to you which shapes will be used in the fruit bouquet.

The melons and cantaloupes should be cut in half next. Make round balls out of the fleshy parts of the fruits by using a melon baller. Now, using your creative abilities, alternately skewer the pineapples, melons, cantaloupes and grapes.

Put a strawberry or whole pineapple slice on top of each bamboo skewer. Repeat until all fruit pieces are skewered. Then, carefully arrange the bamboo skewers onto the florists foam and create a bouquet. Parsley or mint leaves can be used to cover the florists foam at the bottom. For best freshness and taste display and consume the fruit bouquet within 48 hours after it is made.

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