Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Few Of The Weber BBQ Parts To Keep You Barbecuing

By Jacob Akshire

Replacement Weber BBQ parts can maintain the integrity of a barbecue, no matter which model it may be. New components and accessories can enhance and add new ways of cooking with a Weber, making barbecuing easier or a more varied. For either charcoal or gas grillers, there are tools, parts and accessories available from a variety of suppliers in most countries.

The Weber charcoal barbecue has changed little since the early models of last century. Replacement parts, such as wheels and grilling racks, can easily be purchased to extend the life of barbecues. An older model of the charcoal Weber barbecue may require new six inch wheels so that it can continue to be portable and easy to move from one place or another in a garden or patio as well as into storage during the months it is not being used.

Over time, grilling and charcoal grates can deteriorate. Rust can damage cooking surfaces as well as the grates used to hold charcoal, particularly if they have not been cleaned well or damaged by weather. Weber provides a selection of grates and cooking grills to replace those damaged, even offering a hinged cooking grill which can make adding fuel to the BBQ easier.

Additional parts for a charcoal barbecue include a charcoal rail fuel holder. Fuel holders concentrate charcoal in one area of the barbecue for indirect cooking heat. Indirect cooking is more like roasting than char-grilling and is suitable for large cuts of meat as well as whole chickens and even baking.

Weber gas barbecues may require new pieces to maintain their reliability and safety. Parts such as igniters or gas tubes for burners can keep the barbecue operating as well as it did in its first days of use. It is possible that ignition systems or gas tubes of the barbecue may become blocked or worn by constant use.

If your barbecue is not already fitted with a thermometer or thermostat an additional thermometer may be a useful tool. A probe thermometer can help with the roasting of large meat cuts as well as chickens and other poultry by telling you the internal temperature of foods. A roast chicken, for example, should always measure 180 degrees Fahrenheit inside to be considered cooked without risk of food poisoning.

Rotisseries, specialised roasting racks and griddles can add variety to regular barbecue meals. A rotisserie mechanism can improve how poultry cooks and racks specially made for spare ribs or kabob's can introduce a new recipes and styles of cooking. With indirect cookery, roasting pans and griddles can be used for pancakes, flat breads and baked deserts.

Cleaning is an important way to maintain a barbecue, whether it is gas or charcoal. Grill and grate brushes and scrapers can make it easier to keep grates clean and free of rust and fatty residue from cooking. Keeping a barbecue covered with a fitted cover will prevent damage by the elements when it is not in use.

There are wealth of replacement Weber BBQ parts as well as components and equipment which can be added to both past and present models of grillers. These parts are useful for the maintenance and function of the barbecue as well as extending the possible uses a cook may imagine. The more equipment and tools used the further uses there are for a barbecue, which could become the primary cooking method in the summer months.

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