Saturday, August 28, 2010

Class C Motorhomes And Boondocking Meal Tips

By Julie Jacobs

Meals can be fun and easy when boondocking in Class C motorhomes. All you need to do is be prepared. You may have been camping in Class C motorhomes at RV parks or campgrounds, where meals were simple. The challenge of cooking meals when boondocking is not one to be intimated, so read the tips on cooking in Class C motorhomes below and enjoy the boondocking experience.

What meals work best in Class C motorhomes?

By being resourceful and conservative, you can have delicious, simple meals in Class C motorhomes while camping. Some people favor cooking One Pot Meals, sort of a succotash of ingredients. Others prefer using the grill when boondocking in Class C motorhomes, as it saves on cleaning.

Foil is your friend for boondocking meals in Class C motorhomes

Foil is a great cooking tool for Class C motorhomes when boondocking off the beaten path. Foil makes clean up easy, and it can be placed directly on the grill, coals, or campfires. A tasty recipe for grilling is a meat, cheese, and potato wrap. Make sure that you use a light spray oil to keep the food from sticking to the foil. You could prepare the meat at home ahead of time before you leave on the road to help with time and easiness.

Prepare and plan ahead of time

There are little to no emergency grocery stores available when boondocking, so by being prepared you can save stress by not forgetting anything. Pack foods that last awhile, such as cookies, canned goods, peanuts, fruit, energy bars, or protein bars. Look online or in RV cookbooks to prepare menus. You want to pack lightly and keep it simple. Prepare as much as you can before you leave town.

Take only the necessary cooking materials

If you will be utilizing a camping grill, then you should think about packing extra gas. You won't be able to purchase these in a lot of places, so pack them ahead of time. Also, think about using biodegradable utensils, plates, and cups. These can be tossed, are environmentally friendly, and will help you save on using water.

Pack pots, pans, etc., but only pack the minimum amount that you will need. Take a can opener, if you are taking canned goods. A big plastic bin is a good way to wash and to store items.

Pack in and pack out, and enjoy your meals while camping. Eat and be merry!

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